More than ten percent of the world population lives in extreme poverty (less than $1.90 per day). Most lack access to one or more basic human needs: sufficient food, safe drinking water, or adequate shelter. Combatting poverty and food insecurity demands more than simple charity. While nutritious food provides temporary relief of physical hunger, the life-giving truth of the gospel provides eternal hope and relief from spiritual poverty.

Supporting the Children's Hunger Fund

The Children's Hunger Fund mission is to deliver hope to suffering children by equipping local churches for gospel-centered mercy ministry.

Children’s Hunger Fund was established in 1991 by president and founder Dave Phillips. Since then, CHF has worked in the US and around the world to elevate the local church, equipping and positioning church leaders and volunteers to reach suffering children and families in their communities by delivering food and hope found in the gospel of Christ.


Hunger can drown out the message of hope, making it important to first meet the physical need of food. Children’s Hunger Fund provides nourishing food for hungry kids across America and around the world.


As our partner churches develop relationships with families, they are able to determine other types of help that will benefit a suffering family. We provide medicine and vitamins, clothing, bedding, diapers, and other kinds of desperately-needed aid.


We value relationship, especially the relationship between the local church and their community. CHF equips those who are able to serve to connect with those who are in need of physical help and love.