Unexpected Nightmares - Horror Video Games To Scare You Every Other Night

Horror in video games, you heard that, although it is a late arrival in the stream of games. Devoting the entire video game based on horror for scaring the players cannot be the bootable marketing strategy for promoting a video game until 1996 when the game called “Capcom’s Resident Evil” came into the picture and was a massive hit.

Nowadays, there are many games to celebrate the horrifying experience of players. Evil celestial bodies, Giant eels, tormented demons with haunted minds, and everything lurking from the sunshine. No one ever expected it.

Let's have a look at some of the favourite horror games: Check out our PC & Video Games.


Pokemon: Too many to name:

Undoubtedly the Pokemon are cute, like Jigglypuff or Mudkip or even the original Pikachu. But many Pokemon like Cubone’s helmet is not cute and are also actually the skull of the mother. The Drifloon is the little guy who resembles the balloon and also likes to trick kids into grabbing the balloon string to carry them away. It is never full of organs or air and is full of souls. For the souls of the kids, it steals. What about Kadabra, one of the classic spoon-benders hailing from the original 151?

It is a human child who became the monster as they cannot control its psychic powers. It can turn worse, too; Paras is a cute little bug with mushrooms in its butt and evolved into Parasect and dead white eyes. Phantump is the spirit of the kid who died in the forest while finding his way. Yamask is also one of the human ghosts, and the mask carried by him along with his ghostly tail is the one he used to carry when he was alive. At last, we cannot forget Mimikyu, the terrifying creature dressing up as a Pikachu Knock-off. Damn scary!


Ecco The Dolphin:

If you tend to look at the screenshots or box art for Ecco The Dolphin, you intend to think of it as a kid-friendly game where they are having fun in the middle of the ocean. But, here you can be wrong as the ocean is not pleasant or fun or even kid-friendly, and the Ecco also learns a lot when he encounters the Vortex, one of its kind of alien race, who went to the war with various people of Atlantis country thousands of years before and somehow is back to complete his evil activities with the Earth’s oceans. For the same, Eco also needs to go back and forth in time and then towards space, and at some point, the game also feels not surprising. This is the time when you meet the Vortex Queen, and the whole trip is twisted. Like any other Queen, hailing from the Aliens, it has an elongated head, soulless black eyes, and a gaping jaw capable of swallowing any little dolphin just like Ecco, and it happens quite soon.

In case the sudden rise of true horror is not terrifying for you, Ecco turns out to kill the Queen with the help of his somar magic powers. He ripped the monster by blinding her and tore her jaws off.



If there is a recurring theme for the enemies in the list, it is called helplessness. Mario may have murdered many mushrooms to run through a sideline just like an endorser for fungicidal ointments. Also, he looks like an overweight guy (Italian) infected with breathing issues in the water. It is demonstrated in Super Mario 64s and the ironically awful resident Maw-Ray. The territorial, dead-eyed, and also big enough to be able to swallow complete Mario, the eel can only leave you with an exception to not bother you, if only you don't tend to bother it.


The Sorrow, Metal Gear Solid 3:

It is always scarier to watch your sins from the past and, of course, the ghosts around. The fight is definitely against sorrow. The twist inside the sorrow fight is that the player needs to try harder and survive as he (G.I.Joe villains) allows you to meet the ghosts of all the people you have killed in the game at one point, which can make it scary and spooky. There is no punching and shooting and no clue to get out of the game early. Here you need to watch your step and not kill so many people so that the sequence becomes hard to survive as the violent actions can trigger violent consequences. And the sequence you had to confront in-game is entirely dependent upon how you are playing in the game. Just like if you kill everyone you have met, it can turn out to be a nightmare. Do not kill anyone, and it can be a breeze for you. Many horror stories are always about looking at the dark consequences of the actions, and few video games can be judgemental about the same.


Waterwraith Pikmin 2:

At times horror can relate to the incongruity. The Waterwraith and Pikmin 2 are two big beasts, and even the game consisting of the predators don't know about the human-shaped hell except for being dangerous. The other reason that water wraith can stand out from the pack and refuses to enjoy his stay in his boss's arena. Instead, he pursues Captain Olimar along with his adorable and loudly colored charges all across the floor of his dungeon. To get through the horror phenomenon while playing the cartoon game consisting of little plants can be unexpected bridges amidst fear.

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