Top 6 Mind-blowing Board Games for 2 Players 

No wonder, board games have always been an inexpensive way of enjoying quality time with family & friends. Especially in summer holidays, cold winter nights and beautiful rainy days, playing board games flourishes loads of joy. 

With strategical, adventurous, and loads of dominant patterns, these games are surely going to grab your attention. The themes of such board games are so amazing and unique that every time they fill you up with loads of thrilling experiences. 

Similarly, if you are also searching for the best two-player board games, then glance at these fantastic six board games that'll surely surprise you.  


Air, Land, And Sea

Control two or three theatres of wars in this one of the fantastic board games. Moreover, this easy to play game allows the player to participate in a series of battle. In each theatre, out of 18 players, six will have strategic cards. 

Players get abilities through these cards that help them to win the game. Also, cover extra victory points by utilizing your limited resources in the best way. Overall the game is purely superb that will make your boring time one of the best & unforgettable moments of life.


Fox In The Forest

Fox in the Forest with each sliding scale becomes an exciting game for the player. The game has loads of tricky elements that render it an adventurous board game. For instance, it's an amusing game that you'll love a lot if you want to be a smart guy or girl. 

Play with your friends. From 3 different suits, players have to use 39 cards. The player who'll get the odd number card will obtain the unique ability.

Don't be greedy otherwise, no points! If you want to win too many tricks, take smart steps. To get the maximum score- hit in middle (the sweet spot). 



Have nothing to do? Why don’t you play Shobu-a classic strategic board game that every teen must play once in his life? Shobu is easy to understand and easy to play. Indeed it is a fantastic game that you and your friend will surely love a lot.  

Outwit your opponent with burning brain cells on a series of four boards. The moving rocks will surely take you back to classic times.



Be ready for a duel between samurai and start playing Bushido- a card and dice game. Draw five cards and a weapon out of the much larger deck. The entire game is focused on dice rolls. For action, roll the dice and decide future turns. 

It enables you to choose between offence, defence or building up.  Surely, you must have Bushido board game, if you also love duel battle between you and your friend. Bushido is one of the exciting duel player games that every teen loves a lot. 



The political adventure renders Watergate, one of the popular games across board game lovers. If you love strategic games, then choose Watergate. With loads of challenging levels, no wonder this game is waiting for you. The game comes with loads of exciting game-play and a number of fun-adding elements. 

Beyond doubt, the game surprises you at each step. The theme of ‘Watergate’ encourages the player to enjoy the game while paying special attention to the securing lines. Nixon administration and the Washington post are the designated spots in the game. 

However, a player must have a keen eye on each step. Overall, this asymmetric game is undoubtedly going to take your craze for board games to the next level.  


Star Wars Rebellion

Let’s dive into the star world with Star Wars Rebellion, a game that flabbergasts players with its catchy themes and game-play. Play with starships, muster troops, and take pleasure of this epic galaxy game. 

It's one of the best asymmetrical games that'll suffice the fire of playing the best game. Have control over the overwhelming Imperial forces. Beyond doubt, this game is made for you. 


The Bottom Line

Let's dive into the world of the board games and create the most memorable moments of life. These are some of the amazing board games that every game-lover must play one in the lifetime if you are someone who wants to spend some time with family and friends. 

If you have nothing to do in your free time, then these board games are undoubtedly the best options for you. You can't overlook playing these thrilling games that have loads of miracles for the players. 


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