Top 6 awe-inspiring anime series that you must see 

Are you a fan-freak of anime? Can't think about spending a single day without scrutinizing at least a single action of your favourite anime? If that is the case then you must take a glance at these fantabulous anime. These mind-blowing anime have already reserved a special place deep in anime-lovers' hearts.

These aren't just cartoons; they are more than action and romantic adventures that tickle you with a thrilling animated experience. You can find thousands of movies out there, but not like these anime that fill your soul with joy.

After all these animations have the power to awaken the freakiness inside you that always yearns to watch something 'mind-numbing'. So, let us head to the journey of the top 6 best anime that you might find very interesting to watch.


Little Witch Academia

Imagine that a little girl dreams to become a witch and one day her dream comes true. How she feels then and what she does, during and after? Such sort of enjoyable experience has been shared in 'Little Witch Academia' episodes.

In this adventurous series, Atsuko Kagari (AKKO), after getting inspired by Shiny Chariot and joining a witch school, becomes a great witch. Since she has no magical background, she experiences plenty of troubles that might make you laugh during her period of learning magic. This will also motivate you since she never quits, no matter what happens. Apart from the story, the anime has plenty of themes and striking elements that you'll love a lot.


Usagi Drop (Bunny Drop) 

What happens when a 30-year-old single working guy suddenly encounters a big responsibility in which he has to nurture a little girl who's actually his late grandfather's legitimate daughter?

Isn't that funny? Well, that's the great thing about Usagi Drop (Bunny Drop) that stands apart from other anime. Once-in-a-lifetime, you must see how a man with no idea "how to raise a baby" becomes an accidental father of a 6-year-old girl. You can't resist enjoying this anime.


New Game

Spark youthful enthusiasm with New Game episodes! The episodes begin when a game lover high-school graduate girl, named Aoba Suzukaze, steps into adult life.

The story becomes interesting when the girl gets a job and an opportunity to work with her favourite game's character designers.

However, the work is quite stressful, but despite all these, Aoba works cheerfully. The friendly and jovial environment of the New Game series attracts you to watch Aoba Suzukaze's life.


Yuru Camp (Laid-Back Camp)

Yuru Camp can provide you with utter contentment if you are fed up with your busy and tired life. In the anime, four cute girls highlight the real joy of outdoor camping that encourages you to go outside and explore the real fun of life. It's the best anime to see that takes you back to the camping days on cold nights.


Non-Non Biyori

Non-Non Biyori episodes are based on countryside village experiences that take you away from big cities and crowds. It takes you on an entrancing adventure of rural life in Japan with four young girls who are only students in their entire village and have silly antics.

The laughable communication and comical scenes will force you to watch the series of Non-Non Biyori engagingly. If you are looking for something that could bring you back to the times of childhood, then this anime is waiting for you.


Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume's Book of Friends)

Takashi Natsume is undoubtedly the best anime for you if you also love enjoying horror or thriller content. The story begins when a guy with an unusual ability (in which he sees a terrifying ghost) heads to a journey in which he finds his grandmother's book, who also had this odd ability.

The boy first fears the spirits around him, especially from yōkai, but with the help of the book, he finds a solution that ultimately brings a significant turn in the story. Each scene of Natsume Yuujinchou leaves suspense behind that engages you with Natsume's Book of Friends.



No matter where you live or wherever you are, if something isn't well in your life, glance at these series of uplifting anime that provide you utter satisfaction.

The above list which we have created includes the best anime series that you need to binge on.