The Worst Horror Anime Movies of the Decade

The genre of horror has been continuously playing a very imperative part of the cinematic world. It has a different section of viewers and a very peculiar fan base. Millions of people wait the whole year for their favourite movies in the theatre despite the fear and unpredictable sequences. The immense popularity of series like Anabelle and Conjuring is the prime example of craze and excitement among the people for the horror genre.   


Although the horror genre is not only just limited to movies or fiction stories in the novels. Anime series and films have their fan base in the world, and people insanely wait to watch their favourite Anime movies. Though the horror genre is quite an underrepresented in anime series or movies. But still there some quite impressive movies like a parasite: the maxim or Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni that have stunned the entire anime world with their classy story lines. 


On the other hand, there are some lousy horror anime too, that couldn’t be able to woo their audiences. So, today, we are going to list out these all worst horror anime movies of the decade that have also been rated low by the IMBD-


Pupa - 2.6/10 

The Pupa portrays the story of a young brother and sister. They face fear and threat when they get themselves lonely. The sister called Yume finds that her entire body is transformed into a human eating creature. Her brother, named UTSU tries hard to make her sister in old shape again. The average quality of animation, average background score and underwhelming gore have made this movie a horror disaster.  


Litchi DE Hikari Club - 4.6/10

The Litchi De Hikari club is one of the anime that has mitigated the real threat and unprecedented fear of horror genre. The story portrays the group of school-aged lads who hate to grow up. They hate being subservient and build some robots to attain the complete domination of the entire world. They unusually abducted a girl and ended up as an inhuman with glutton and so much vague.  


Godzilla: The Planet Eater - 5.0/10

It is an anime with a hazy plot that shows Godzilla and humanity needs to be in the same team to defeat the potential apocalypse. This movie can give the immense pain and feeling of sullen when each time a monster explains their power, motivation and winning possibilities. Though the animation is quite good, the story-line could have been a little more exciting. 


Ao Oni: The Animation - 5.1/10

The movie tells a story of people who are living in the town Ao Oni which is surrounded by the folklore with a great dark secret. After that, the folk turned into a video game, and residents start playing it to reach towards the final and more mysterious secret that they have never imagined. The story is quite exciting, but the background score is simply chaos. On the other hand, the animation is quite a disaster with an uncanny crawl of the story-line. 


Magical Girl Site - 5.2/10

This movie looks more kind of a fairy tale instead of horror anime. It starts with a young girl who is incessantly exasperated by the school kids and his brother and one day she is astonishingly sucked into a website named ‘Magical Girl Site’. There she gets the power and needs to fight with other girls who want to create chaos and kill her. Though it is more like fun than a scary one.    


Bloodivores - 5.4/10

The story is a mess that cannot be related to any fiction or non-fiction horror genre. It starts with a disease in Bloodivores universe that is causing sleep deprivation in the people with its symptoms. And after this, they discovered a peculiar cure of black collar that turns people into a vampire. 


Calamity Of A Zombie Girl - 5.4/10

The story of this anime is quite exciting yet very relatable to the ‘The Mummy’ movie. It starts when five college students visit secretly to the college library in the quest for hidden treasure. But they ended up by discovering a buried female mummy. They take the stone from the tomb, and then the game of horror and violence starts. The hazy animation and slow tempo of the movie have been a great agony for the movie. 



The horror genre is a world of fear and suspense that need to be maintained if you want to make a great horror anime. So, these were the list of worst horror anime movies of the decade. So, if you are also a fan of horror genre, then try to skip these movies or do not expect much while watching them.