The Greatest Comic Book Villains of All Time

Yes, you have read the title right. We are going to explore the greatest comic book villains of all time. We generally talk about the superheroes, but the superheroes would not be there without the supervillains.

Every superhero needs a supervillain.  Few villains have done their performance so well that we cannot disremember them. Let's explore the greatest villains of all-time - Old and New.


#1 Joker

The most popular supervillain Joker was created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson who first came into sight in the comic book BATMAN published by DC Comics. Initially, Joker was planned to get killed after his first appearance, but later approaching, the character got so involved and came out to be the best villain for superhero Batman.


#2 Galactus

Galactus is a powerful character as a villain. During the first part, he doesn't feed himself for so many centuries, but gradually he started feeding planets, and his hunger increased. He has limitless cosmic power like God. Galactus can employ the cosmic powers in his body and it can affect anyone he desires.


#3 Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is the armed intelligent character, an incredible scientist, powerful billionaire industrialist, and greatest enemy of Superman. Lex’s character is so versatile he used to have a backup plan for every situation that keeps him on edge upon the superhero.


#4 Doomsday

Doomsday characterized as a deadly monster, is another mortal enemy of Superman and the justice league. His creator created him with a few feelings, mostly bad, and wants to destroy everything around. His most powerful character is regeneration. Doomsday was killed in a battle, he healed himself and returned to birth. Superman catches him on various occasions.


#5 Thanos

We cannot deny the fact that Thanos is a very strong character. He manages to destroy half of the world with the breeze of his finger. Thanos is a superhuman who has a massive heavy body. He has the ability to increase his power. His super-intelligence, speed, and great stamina make him a supervillain.


#6 Scarecrow

Dr. Jonathan Crane made his appearance in the world's finest comic. It describes the psychology professor who uses his experimental toxins. Along with Joker, Scarecrow is another big enemy of BATMAN. His toxins destroys your mind, and you cannot see the difference between fiction and reality. Only the Joker doesn't get affected by Scarecrow's toxins.


#7 Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is the primary Villain of Marvel Universe in the beginning, who then goes for fantastic four and later appeared as the greatest enemy of the Avengers. Doctor Doom is the character who wants to prove himself as superior in comparison to others.


#8 Magneto

Sometimes, it is hard to believe that Magneto is a Villain because he is used to prevent his people from making sure that the destruction in which he grew up will not occur again. From a child's age, he saw the potential to harm different people. He accepted the fact that if they fight back instead of bonding together, then the mutant will also suffer the same future.


#9 Loki

In reality, Loki is not justifying the title "God of Mischief". He is not only the trickster; he is the biggest liar and master in manipulation. He is a magician also. He has the ability to transfer one moment to another. He gives the shape to his thoughts and generates the fire blasts. His primary target is to rule the earth and the other nine planets. He manipulates hulk to go on in a violent group which accidentally formed the Avengers. Although he has plotted many events together with other villains like Norman, Doctor Doom but no other villain trusts him.


#10 Venom

Venom has a similar look to Spiderman, but he resembles Spidey more. He has bulky muscles and a very big jaw full of sharp teeth and a pointed tongue. Venom is the combination of two human beings that is Symbiont and Peter Parker. By the time, he controlled things Fantastic four had removed him, and then he joined unsatisfied editor Eddie Broke who also hated Parker. Their powers and hatred combined became more powerful than Spiderman. Venom not only shows the black mirror of Spiderman, but his character also shows great power and responsibility.


Keynote: The combination of strength, stamina, cosmic powers, heavy body, speed, and intelligence makes supervillains more powerful. Apart from the above, there are other supervillains like Hela, Darkseid, Nekron, Apokalypse, and many more. A superhero is complete with supervillains only. Without them, they will not be recognized as superheroes.