The Best Games of 2020 to Play

The pandemic year of 2020 has let us down in home zones where we have little work to do. But in the gaming world, we have whole new entries that are extremely important for gamers. These new gaming series fill some excitement in this droning year, where everything is let down.

With the upcoming adventure series, the gamers will take advantage of Xbox, PS4, PS5, and other Xbox series.

With all the recent reviews, we have collected some of the best games of the year 2020 that fill you with excitement and adventure.

So, let’s check them out!

Doom Eternal

The Doom Eternal, the demon-slaying godfather of the first person, is going to return with some extra adventure and curiosity. The monsters in the game are going to be bigger and bigger; the world of the Doom is rich.

But the Doom Eternal will go hand in hand. The details in the games are simple, and players need to play with little or no friction. This game is full of surprises and builds your interest.

Animal Crossing (The New Horizon)

Another beautiful game, the desert island that hit thousands of memes, is Animal Crossing. The game offers a cute, eminently, and a stress-free controllable world where you will escape for a while.

The colorful and compelling characters give you plenty of reasons to hold back in this game again and play it. The game has everything: gentle sound, soothing characters, and social creativity that hold you in character for the long term.

Streets of Rage 4

The Streets of Rage 4, the legendary scrolling, is unexpectedly reconstructed after 25 years. Returning to the alley's shadowy wood Oak city, the character heroes of the game have all-new weapons and an amazing combination to defeat the criminal goons.

The game gives you a bundle of joy, and the exquisite style of the game gives you a reason to celebrate and fill you up with adventure.

Ori and The Will of the Wisps

The game is the sequel of the previous Platform Adventure Ori and the Blind Fort. This is another best quest through the sylvan landscape that is rich in myths and magic. It is a gentle alternative of the brawlers and big shooters. The game will give the players an extraordinary adventure and take them into the world of danger, excitement, and thrill.

Half Life-Alyx

Half-life-Alyx offers a virtual reality to the users by following the resistant leaders of the Alyx. The beginning of the game is the fight against her against the combined aliens. Thrilling, dark, and tense, the virtual game brings to the reality of the virtual world.

This game will surprise you at every moment and keep your hold in the gaming world. The innovative, thrilling, and surprising combo of aliens will excite you at every step.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

The final fantasy VII remake game is the sequel of the old version of 1997. The remake has proven to be the story that stood up precisely at the test of times. Classic and adventure combination and its sword-wielding heroes will make you excited. The challenging square Enix has more challenges than ever to make you more adventurous.


The Dreams is a Guildford based developer game that turns the gaming platform with exciting puzzlers and LittleBigPlanet. This game is full of music and power-pack adventures. The single delightful dream is simple and has generous lights that fill you up with some more excitement to play more.

Kentucky Route Zero

Another mesmerizing game is Kentucky Route Zero. This game has brought down the magical reality of the game adventures. The game has recently arrived in January and still won the hearts of millions of games in the last few months.

The rather forlorn Americana and the strange characters living in extraordinary lives will bring another level of adventure. This game combines mystical and mundane to create the adventurous atmosphere.

Sitting at home and playing this game takes you in another world somewhere, and you continue to track between the Samuel Beckett play and the miniseries of David Lynch.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

The resident evil 3 Remake is the sequel of the Resident Evil 2 remake. The Capcom is a little similar to the previous version but has some more narrative stories, third level installment, and setting to the new original resident 3.

Additionally, multiple players can enjoy this new version game and play together. The fascinating world of the game is little more resorted to excitement and some more adventure.