Some Of The Best Video Game Movies That Are Worth Giving A Shot

There are many video movies in the market, but the best ones can only capture the spirit we love without pleasing the hedgehog designing of characters and skimping actions or laughs. Many of them are still under production, while some are chartbusters. Here are a few video game movies with iconic star casts and giving space to the video game characters to reach outer space and shine. Will discuss some of the famous video game movies in the article making it to the top charts in Hollywood. Lets us know about them:


Hollywood picked up the movie, and just like the Lord of the Rings series, the steady hands of Duncan Jones handle Warcraft. It is one of the best-performance and adaptation for any video game and allows the Warcraft world to have a pedestal to mark their stand in the world of movies.

The film does fall by over-egging the pudding under the creaking weight of its ensemble. However, it's still an outlier in the video game world: a movie that isn't scared to take a chance, chuck a massive budget at an acclaimed director, and just let him run riot with the world. More of that, please.

Resident Evil:

Resident Evil games already have many movies on their account, and it is pretty hard to pinpoint a single one for presenting a dead cert for this list. The effort is shambling and can range from the afterlife, originals, and it's the best. The complete emphasis has always been on the action and is streamlined and poked across the edges of Resi's sprawling lore.

Milla Jovovich has played a unique role called Alice and has set the record straight by showcasing fantastic performance on-screen. It can be noted that movies can have sequels and the sprawling universe as Iron Man is already aware of Avenger's initiative and is entirely worth watching every minute.

Tomb Raider:

The game is finding its way back to the screen by allowing the newly-vulnerable Laura and the movie releasing it to be a great action flick and pays a welcome homage to one of the best games of the generation. Alicia Vikander playing Lara's role is seen bursting with life and as one of the characters that appear to be staying more at her abode based in London than raiding the lost kingdom tombs.

Tomb Raider here marks its watershed moment in the video game movies. They no longer are keeping content under their shadows as the entry is already filled with talented actors. The opportunity may allow the other video games to cherish more treasures in the line, specifically the upcoming Ben Wheatley sequel.

Detective Pikachu:

One of the best-known movies based on videos focuses well on a 21-year-old boy called Tim Goodman who is looking over to find his dad Henry who was working as a private investigator and is missing now. In quest of his dad, he reaches out to Pikachu to help him out. Detective Pikachu proves to be a credible character in the Pokemon brand, and as Ryan Reynolds, the Deadpool himself is employed for voicing the little yellow guy. The movie includes many scenes for the families' sentimental stuff and hosts enough jokes to tickle the younger ones.

The eclectic cast chosen by Rob Letterman includes DJ Diplo, Ken Watanabe, Bill Nighy, and Rita Ora (pop singer), but it's just about the care and love received by Pokemon that makes the movie stand out amongst others.

Assassin's Creed:

The movie gives a glimpse of the video game movies stepping into the limelight for the first time. While many others witness several odd factors on their launch, the Assassin's Creed put everything to bed with the take on the issues between the Templar Order and the Creed.

Starring actors like Michael K. Williams, Michael Fassbender, and Marion Cotillard, the movie is full of talented actors. It allows the movies to gain legitimacy and is also influenced by Spain's passionate 15th-century Animus adventure. There are chances that some fans might get disappointed but don't allow the rumors to lead, give it a try.

Mortal Kombat:

Being heavy on action, the Mortal Kombat movie dictates the cheesy restatement of events in the original game. The movie showcases few sickening fatalities, larger-than-life characters, and overblown rivalries. Fans will be amazed to see the actors' skin being melted away and the skull getting chopped into halves. If you plan a party with your friends and get Mortal Kombat 1995, it can be a perfect option for you to watch and enjoy for the next ninety minutes.

Sonic the Hedgehog:

Fans posted their worst reactions to the movie's initial signs and allowed the filmmakers to get back again to their digital drawing boards. Once the movie got released, finally the fans were overtaken with the BenSchwartz voicing work, and the character Dr. Robotnik is well played by Jim Carrey. Sonic the Hedgehog follows the Montana Sheriff and Sonic as they look forward to evading Robotnik and tracking down Sonic's iconic rings. Wait for more sequels.

Silent Hill:

Maybe needlessly stretched at places, the Silent hill can undoubtedly bring the chill. Wrapped up by a decent star cast, the below-average movie can be seen in its new version every few months. The movie is not known best for its share of scares, but they earn a bonus point for including the pyramid Head. Movies can be a bit terrifying at times, pushing you to close your eyes or hide behind your furniture and wait for the climax to pass. Worth a shot!

The above-listed video game movies are one of the best in their genres. They can be downloaded or are available on various online platforms. There are many upcoming Hollywood movies too down the line, keep a check and enjoy watching your favorite video game characters on the big screen.

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