Some of the Best MOBAs you should know

Launched in 2003, the MOBA has been through numerous iterations. The list for MOBA games consists of some of the best games that can be played across digital platforms like mobile devices, PC and consoles. Here is the list of MOBA games that you should take a look at:


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

This game is exclusively designed for mobile devices as they are best played on small screens and controlled with touch screen sensations. The characters in the game stand out. All of them have their backstories and cut scenes to illustrate them well. If you are fond of playing League of Legends and are on a constant lookout to experience similar adventures, Mobile legends can be a perfect fit.


Legend of Ace

If you are searching for a game to play during your lunch break, you are at the right place with Legend of Ace, as the games are just 10 minutes long with a similar layout of trading card games. Here you can choose your champions and know their stories and personalize them as to fit your playing style with the cards' help.


Rise of Legends

Free to play, the Rise of Legends is one of the MOBA games said to be the hybrid with varied elements of tower defense and deck-building games. It is a straightforward premise to opt for 2V2 OR 1V1 matches, and co-op modes thriving on PVE presented simply. The game is a perfect option to play in your free time as you don't have to wait in long queues.


Extraordinary Ones

An anime-based entry, the Extraordinary Ones is one of the MOBA games made exclusively for mobile devices. The game's offers characters like the lead character of My Hero Academia, and various other influential characters who are best known for their vibrant and flashy movements. If you are into trying something different, then this modern anime game is perfect for you.


League of Legends

Released in 2009, the game is best known for its vibrant characters with their fleshy skin. The game was a knock out because of its cartoon-like style and endless progression throughout the game. It is also known as one of the first MOBA games to start the trend of hundreds and thousands of players participating and allowing the champions to have an ever-shifting experience while going through balances and reworks constantly.


Heroes of the storm

Released in 2013 by Blizzard, the Heroes of the Storm is well known for its varied characters in Overwatch, Diablo and Starcraft. Every match has its dynamics, and credit for success is always given to teamwork. The game is a combination of numerous adventurous activities ranging from gold coin collection, deposition cannons to destroy the enemy base, etc. Only a few glimpses of incidents make the game stand out amidst others.


Air Strike

Best known for being the mixture of a real-strategy game and MOBA reminiscent game and represents best from both the worlds. You will be surprised to see dozens of unit fighting modes against each other and the fanatic battle coming from the genre. The game is all about fighting with each other and climbing the rankings.


Heroes of Newerth

Released in 2010, the game is composed of many strong characters portraying different skill sets than the usual MOBAs. The game is composed of versatile and varied champions giving a unique touch. Heroes of Newerth has an impressive fan following, allowing them to return to the game even after a decade has already passed.



One of the best games offering a cross-play between mobile devices and steam. Since its release in 2014, the game has been making it to the top charts and fulfills the players’ expectations of their favorite MOBA. The features like override enable you to unlock modifications of skills and allow every champion to taste the different flavors while playing the game.



Awesomenauts, aunched in 2012 by Ronimo games, portrays a beautiful cast of characters making the game worth visiting. Initially, the game was designed as a 2D MOBA, allowing the players to pick their characters, defend their base and score big before the match.


Defense of the Ancients

The game was released years ago, but still marks its footsteps for the people who like to group with their old friends and rewind their old memories of playing the game. The game will remind you of several Universe moments, and having grown up playing similar games do know that Defense of Ancients still exists, no matter how much time has already passed.


Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor is one of the popular MOBA games showcasing new ideas for the genre and can be played on mobile devices. It primarily focuses on delivering a refined experience for Joy-Cons on the Nintendo Switch and touch-screens. Players can expect to choose from a long list of champions and can expect 3v3 and 5v5 matches.



The game portrays many MOBA game elements, but you can find it a bit different from the usual. This game is an excellent choice for the MOBA lovers. The game is filled with many characters to choose from, precise and deep combat, and filled with heating moments making it enjoyable to play for hours.