Some Of The Best Keyboard Geniuses That Made Up The Chartbusters In 2021

Gaming is best known for bringing people together. It is one of the best aspects for the medium and is the persistent invitation for others to come in and take your steps inside the circle of magic and be silly even when you play single player games and experience solitary confinement, ostensibly with the players locked up in the room and scrubbing the icons from the open-world map just like the geographic Roomba possessing the desire for processing the hobbies loved by everyone for discussing the games that have colonized our times happily and persists mind.

We can also acknowledge the pitfalls and perils for the gaming discourse wrestling with the issues of unfocused, employee rights and toxic masculinity and firing social media rage while acknowledging the pleasures of the world being sublime than digging the other person with the piece of digital art to make you feel something profound and deep.

Here are the few games we liked in both the halves of 2020, ranging from big-budget prestige releases to mobile entertainment, and we are just excited to know about the games you liked in this play-demanding and wild year. So here is the list of few everyone liked in 2020:


Genshin Impact:

GI or Genshin Impact is said to have a rotating banner for various limited-time characters, and they end up getting plugged into the same Zelda-clone just like other characters. Most importantly, the leveling of these characters does require a lot of grinding of collectibles and boss battles, just like any other character. There is no ability to optimize the character through in-app purchases. The GI game feels a lot like a real game as compared to Avengers.



The Timeline surprises the players via its cleverness. At the very first blush, the game looks like a stealth puzzle game. And it can add complexity and mechanics to reveal varied hidden depths. However, it also pulls the twists, and the jaw-dropped player keeps on thinking about the game the whole day. Moreover, it recontextualizes their earlier puzzles. Also, the Timeline is one of the Unique Studio's first games and has received a lot of attention since its launch.


Final Fantasy VII Remake:

The game is accessible to newbies as well as experienced players. The original game is embedded in the gaming culture and if you are a first-time player, then be ready for surprises. The characters are crazy and will take you with them for hours. It's one of the best games, and the credit can be given to great performance and writing.



It can be a terrific game as it allows you to reach out, smash things and eventually die. Here you will get rewarded with the cool story interactions and stuff with many neat characters and tangible improvements in the abilities and great options. If there is a bad run, it will yield some results at home, but it will feel quite nice if it is a good one, and you will improve your performance eventually.

The Hades does have a God Mode, which can serve as a lifesaver with the dum-dum fingers, and even for the first few hours of the game, too, you will be amazed at the characters, pace, and the way it is moving ahead. Beating hades is a rewarding experience even with the major damage reduction. Worth trying!!


Golf With Your Friends:

If you love playing golf with your friends, then this is your game. The game allows you to have a janky experience that is quite polished than Cyberpunk 2077, but it can be sublime if you are playing with your friends. And it can turn out to be a party game that breaks and bends all laws of physics, and who doesn't want to punch out and be a winner.


Fall Guys:

It is a gloriously stupid game and is quick to finish. The Fall guys consist of many minigames that can result in more than 4+ hours of sessions. The opening soundtrack is amazing and will keep you going.



Are you demystifying death by making it more mysterious? It can sound like a contradiction to the terms, and the game is about a magical coffee shop attracting dead people before they reach the other side. The Baristas also act as psychopomps and provide a few words of wisdom too. The game doesn't have any answers, but just by embracing the fact that death can be sudden, Necrobarista allows us to untangle the complex emotions behind it.


Watch Dogs 2:

The game is so much fun, consisting of powerful escapism, running through the city via the means of parkour, and also omnipresent hacking. The sense of freedom and lightness is there and is in conventional everyday settings. With the touch of real-life tourism and genuine love for the history, culture, and landmarks of San Francisco, the game is one of the best ones to try in 2021.

The above list of Keyboard geniuses is one of the best listings to give a try at any time and every game is different and has something unique to offer to its players. Check out our PC & Video Games.

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