Marvel Characters who have used the shield of Captain America

It's quite challenging to decide on the new Captain America as Steve Rogers is on the verge of Retirement in Avengers. The game is ending and can be seen in Disney plus series in the upcoming days. Steve Roger handed over his shield to Sam, but the various other characters cannot be ignored as they are quite powerful and are praised for their success stories all across the comic industry. Let us tell you about a few Marvel characters who can give the future Captain America a tough time.



Major Victory

Talking about timelines, Major Victory is getting into new adventures allowing him to get through new hurdles and crossing impressive milestones to find Captain America's shield. In the current timeline, the Major Victory after the mutant power manifests he becomes the Justice for New Warriors, consequently joining Avengers.

Another timeline, he can be seen growing as an astronaut, flying into space and fighting with the alien Badoon. In his distant future, he will be joining the Galaxy and travels back in time to become an honorary Avenger and find his young self and set off the events to change his fate in the distant future. With his time, in the end, he will see Captain America's shield and wield it for his heroes, the Avengers.



Jeffery Mace

Starting his heroic career being a Patriot, he doesn't possess any powers, and was an exceptional strategist, combatant, and loves spending time with his all-winner squad towards the end of the war.

After Willia Naslund, the first successor of Captain America's mantle left, Jeffery Mace is said to take up his identity and fight alongside his great sidekick called Golden Girl. In his 50s he sought retirement, returned to his civilian life, and started working as a reporter. A few years later he was seen dying from cancer and was granted one wish. His wish led all former Captain America’s to unite for an adventure in reality.



John Walker

Steve Roger once disillusioned the corrupt government orders and gave up Captain America's title, which is when the search for a replacement rose. John Walker worked as a Super Patriot and was relatively more violent than Rogers, known for carrying out his retribution against his rivals.

John Walker was unstable, and one time even left several of his opposition members in a critical condition. Steve Rogers, who was operating now under the title of "The America" took the Walker down before claiming Captain America's mantle.

John Walker was rehabilitated and served the Avengers as the United States Agents before they were named the Warden of Thunderbolts. They were enrolled in the program for rehabilitating the former supervillains which led John Walker to operate alongside the varied T-bolts for the time being.



Sam Wilson

Best known as Steve Roger's partner and longtime friend Sam Wilson has a long history related to the mutant powers, red skull and mind control. He has been one of the most excellent Captain's allies and has served him in various circumstances repeatedly.

Sam Wilson and Steve Roger's were such close allies that Roger considered him one of the ideal choices to replace him when he left as an older man when the super-soldier serum was sucked out of his body. Sam Wilson served as Captain America and has performed alongside the Avengers. He is also one of the leads in the Streaming series of Disney Plus and played a role in Bucky Barnes, the show known for deciding the next Captain America.



Bucky Barnes

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are known as sidekicks during World War 2. Like the Captain, Bucky Barnes was also thought to be dead after the Baron Zemo encounter, who left Steve Rogers in ice while the war was ending.

Although the Avengers found the Captain, the Bucky Barnes fate was a little different. He was reanimated, captured, and brainwashed by the Soviet's authorities to join them as their top assassin.

After years of believing that Bucky is dead, Steve Rogers finally found him during the Winter Soldier Missions. In the future, Bucky Barnes regained his memories and replaced Steve Rogers for the Captain position when the latter was suspected dead.

Bucky Barnes was one of the best candidates to take over the Captain's position in the Marvel Universe and was also included in Disney Plus TV series (Winter Soldier and The Falcon) in a leading role.



Isaiah Bradley

Captain America’s history hails from the darkest chapters of the American military. After the famous Doctor Erskine, who created the serum, leaving his formula with Steve Roger, who was the only recipient of the defunct procedure, the US military started experimenting on the soldiers to figure out Captain America’s creation.

Isaiah Bradley was the only survivor of the process and was responsible for undertaking the US army's various missions. Before heading for the final task, Isaiah Bradley stole Captain America’s shield and costume, the theft which resulted in a court marshalled and also led to imprisonment until President Eisenhim ordered his release. In the future, his grandson Eli followed his footprints for donning his shield and costume and being the Patriot of Avengers.