Games That Shows You Amazing Ending

It's almost a decade since Rockstar was seen releasing the Red Dead Redemption and trading the crowded and car-filled streets along with their signature and renowned Grand Theft, best known for their cinematic grandeur in the American West. There is a lot of Redemption lingering around the memory and the sight of pain spreading out in front of you, spending long nights playing poker or on all-purpose moseying. But the game's ending is remembered by most of the players.

Although there is nothing extraordinary about Red Dead's climax, which projects to outlaw John Marston, who gunned down the civilization, the game's complete story is kicked around him. The revolutionary instances are there and only appear when the son of John, Jack, took the gun and fought for his father's death and sought his revenge. Eventually, he became the game one of the new playable characters throughout the process. Media has spilled ink and blood for the topic based upon the inescapable cycle for vengeance, Red Dead, who forced their players to live at its best.

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As the game's 10th anniversary is approaching, here is the list of the most affected game's endings. To conclude, the story is never easy to do, especially when there are thousands of players and everyone is trying to make their perfect expression to their tale. So let's have a look:

Final Fantasy VI

It will not be easy to assume that any game can emotionally affect the ending by mimicking the film or television tropes. Yet it can be quite hard to begrudge Final Fantasy VI, which in turn has a roster of about 14 playable characters. Playing out the series for vignettes that can take place according to the crew races for escaping from the mad god's collapsing lair and the ending of the game manages to allow every member to shine as per its diverse cast from the enigmatic Gogo.

Somber, exciting, and also backed by beautiful soundtracks to grace the sound chip of Super Nintendo.

Super Metroid:

The pervasive feelings of loneliness define the game. You can play the game as a woman who likes to be included as a walking tank. But the main character Samus Aran remains all alone to accomplish her mission of getting rid of the Space Pirate menace. Also, she tries to recover the last living Metroid of the galaxy, but she continuously thinks that she is all alone in her journey.

Metroid had grown to a bigger size when Samus was trying to take it down, and she stops just before killing her and recognizes her as her mother (it's been seen in Metroid II).

Samus also tracks down the Mother Brain, the Pirate leader, and got her butt made up of metal kicked by the time the baby Metroid finds a way in and allows Samus to have a super-powered weapon and sacrifices her life to save Samus. Undoubtedly, it's an impactful ending consisting of many rare occurrences and gives the player another chance to return the favor by reaching out to some of her animal friends to rescue them as the planet you were staying on can explode anytime now.

The Metal Gear Solid series:

All games in the Metal Gear Solid series can manage to land with the first secret that the antagonist called Revolver Ocelot was working for the United States president. The commander-in-chief was the clone of Big Boss of the original Metal Gear villain. The second series reveals the breakdown of the digital age meaning the truth as the basic concept. The fourth game shows at the end about the cast credits, which is great and complicated to explain after the shirtless fight between Ocelot and Snake.

Metal Gear Solid third series was a real standout and is a set prequel of the young Big Boss; the series also projects varied events that led him to be a bad guy. The series ends with the Big Boss knowing about his mentor being the game's villain who seemingly betrayed the United States and also came to see that she was forced to cover America's back by causing defect to the Soviet Union for a former incident. In addition, she allowed herself to play the role of a scapegoat until her last breath; she was convinced that America is doing right. In the end, the Big Boss with teary eyes walks around her grave but is not very convinced.

Silent hill 2:

Having a look at Silent Hill 2, anyone can confer that there were more than one endings. Small variations in the gameplay refer to the last scene for the horror-survival classic, and the possible outcomes can range from an absurdist punch line to a watery suicide. And the climax for Konami's sequel comes a little earlier while the players were busy discovering who drew James, the widower, back to the Maine town.

The news that came out that he suffocated his ill wife and the act was a mere mercy killing and a resentment expression towards the sickness leading to consuming her life. The revelation reshapes the game's scenario, and the effect is quite similar to the sirens reshaping the silent hill. Multiple endings undermine the final James actions, and no matter how the journey ends, it always seems to begin with the reality that is irreversible to what he did.


The game has a familiar story, and when you think you figure it out, it becomes a different type of familiar story. The game is a 2D side-scroller platform, the Jonathan Blow designed it and is about a young man called Tim who is making all possible efforts to rescue the beautiful princess from the villain.

With the help of time-travel skills, Tim can solve many puzzles and keep on jumping from one world to another and getting closer to the princess. Everything works well in reverse and forces the user to think about how his behavior will affect the prince, who is separated from Tim for a long time and is chased by the knight. At the last level, Tim is locked outside the princess' home. Then time moves forward and changes the context of actions and reveals that the princess is running from you and it's the knight who saved from her long-term stalker, i.e. you. Of course, there can be many other interpretations, but it matters how you take it further.

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