Every Little Bit Of Legendary Pokemon Games

Undoubtedly, Pokemon is one of the biggest franchises across the world. Everyone knows about Pikachu, the Pokeball, i.e., a red and white sphere is said to be bisected by the black line and is recognizable by everyone around. It started with a single game, the famous Pokemon Red and Blue versions 1996 for Nintendo Original Game Boy.

Since its launch, the game has stuck around its core formula. Here you capture the magical creature and can level them up via turn-based battles rooted in the scientific system for matching types. The goal here is to visit the various pokemon gyms situated across the land, wherein you tend to face off against the many gym leaders known as dojo masters to earn the gym badge.

About eight Pokemon you need to collect, and once you have all eight, you can move up to Elite four. While moving along the way, you last have to deal with the sidelined nefarious groups who will never be of any good to you.

Pokemon games are seen to tweak things with every generation or iteration for using official parlance. Pokemon following Red and Blue themes also have launched new features like customizable avatars or day and night cycles and even shaken up matching charts. Every generation also expanded the catchable Pokemon compendium starting at 151 and also ballooned to approx 900 today.

Let's know more about the pokemon Franchise:

Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

The game is picked up for two years after the events presented by Pokemon Black and White. The game is rounded off around every generation with an enhanced version for the flagship duo. The Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 are always known to be the best sequels of the series. It was quite neat to watch the characters since the first game got up to

Knowing about Unova's new parts was a treat. The games didn't just innovate anything over their predecessors.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

The game is letter remakes for the third generation games (Sapphire and Ruby) and is completed with modern whistles and bells. Bringing out the game known as the Boy Advance game for the 3DS can bring new delights. The game has beautiful graphics, and watching Hoenn as the third-generation setting and providing a new perspective to the old world. Here you can also fly across the world on the legendary Pokemon's back, and the travel method never loses its charm.

But Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby were hampered by Y and X and the various other sixth-generation games, Mega Evolution and Super Training. Living with these exclusive features in the newest games was one of the best things but watching them in a true classic remake was like watching Psycho's remake of Gus Van Sant.

Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal

The games proved that Pokemon could be a glorified version of the rock paper scissors. Also, the Pokemon's creature compendium was expanded for the first time and added two types of mixes steel and dark. The in-game also changed around real-world time. Everything starts from a new land, also known as Johto, and is completed with their 8-gym circuit before it can be sent to the Kanto (Original game), where they can see the remixed version of the gaming world. In a simplified way, Silver and Gold were enormous.

And at the end, they are still known as Game Boy color genres of games. They are quite hard to play, clunky, and lack the modern quality of life features.

Pokemon Black and White:

The real-world scenario inspires every generation of the legendary Pokemon games. The current games like Sword and Shield can occur in the Galar, just like the United Kingdom. The Kalos from the X and Y have taken on Northern France, and they are all terrific and inspire a lot of travel envy from their fans across the world. Some of them are compared with the main setting for Pokemon Black and White being centered around the New York City Poke-fied version. Like any other real thing, it is overwhelming and significant and has transformed the idea of Pokemoncity.

The game has also brought some new features like the triple battle system. It was also the first game to feature the seasons alongside how the changed game appeared to the world and match up with how few Pokemon looked.

Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald :

Pokemon Sapphire, Ruby, and the Emerald aren't exactly rated high by Pokemon's fans. Here we will see why they are ranked so terrific. First, let's talk about some of the reasons. The double battles were the newest feature and allowed the trainer to have two Pokemon at its side rather than one. It led to many complicated strategies; for example, the Earthquake, also known to have high damage moves, can strike all Pokemon on the battlefield. But is it necessary to hurt any of the Pokemon and also hit its opponents? It's the first time in the series that trainers are formulating innovative strategies just for type-matching. Pokemon's various abilities also added wrinkles to combat via bestowing Pokemon along with permanent benefits that were not even the game-breaker. Here, you can even dive underwater.

Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen

Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed are excellent remakes for the original game and took all over the third-generation advancements and applied them to various classics that have sparked Pokemania. It was considered as an exercise in the imagination in the late 90s via walking through Kanto. Watching Kanto's complete spectrum of colors was like witnessing a great novel that received a big-screen adaptation.

For the major parts, these games are a friendlier, shinier redux for the originals. And once you beat the best four, you are allowed to visit the Sevii islands. The handful for the second-generation Pokemon was set loose for clearing the area, and users could trade them with Sapphire and Ruby versions.

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