Best Relaxing Games That Make You Feel Free

In this pandemic situation, business instability, and fear of the disease, we need to find a better way to keep ourselves relaxed. Many of us feel video games are a great way to feel free. But nowadays, the thrilling video games often include guns, shoot, explosions, and violence.

Still, many games offer a glimpse of hope and relaxation. For some individuals, video games give new rays of positivity, hope and keep their minds relaxed.

So, it's worth highlighting some of the encouraging video games to make us feel free when life churns us.



Peggle is one of the relaxing games that many people love to play to make them relax. In the final round of the Peggle, it doesn't matter whether you've cleared the pegs or just achieved several pegs; the result will be the same.

On the Peggle's final approach, the balls slow down, and as it hits, the screen will bloom up with fireworks. It doesn't matter whether it happens for the first time or repeated; the players will achieve a glimpse of joy. The terrifying sound and bright visual screen will make you feel free every time.


Kind Words

Unlike great superheroes video games, the Kind words video game is what people need truly. The players in the game are folded in the comfort of the living spaces.

The beauty of the outside world visualized on the desk and dipped in the natural light from the large window that opens for the deer provide a message for the people across the globe.

The kind words help set out a better world through communication and help keep the player in safe places.

The game is quite simple, positive and there’s no griefing and trolling in the game. The tiny envelopes and encouraging words burst with joy and positive advice.



After Ender Dragon, Minecraft finally rolls on. This game has been treated as a sort of poem. The first creation was meant to be over the top. If we win all the whimsy and cheese, some lines ooze out on the screen that carries emotional messages.

Perhaps, users need to complete the games and see the whole poem. However, one line is enough to sum up the experience of sandbox adventure.

Minecraft is more likely to be an adventure game and a story full of survival and monsters. There is an opportunity for the players to create anything from the mind and what your heart sees.

The players get peace and relax after playing this.


Animal Crossing

The list is incomplete without Animal Crossing. The hidden treasure island hunt gives you a glimpse of adventure and joy while playing this game. However, there are still positive messages for the players in the game.

The innocence of the game keeps you relaxed and worry-free. Everything from animals to off-the-wall humour, we feel to jump back to the old school days—the joyful days where we worried a little and lived every second with loads of happiness.

This is a game to show some moments of joy and live those happy moments.


Noby Noby Boy

The game is simply the pure line of silliness. Nothing is more enjoyable than the Noby Noby Boy and flipping life on its head. Enter the Noby Noby Boy Keita Takahashi, where you play the role of the silly boy and small worm creature.

The creature is controlled with the help of a PS3 analogue stick and buttons. From the left, you can control the front end of the Noby Noby Boy, and from the right stick, you can easily control the back end of the game.

The idea is simple and stretches it by using different objects, including hoops, houses, people, and food.



The flower is much more to offer a journey of joy and freshness. This is a game where the explanation occurs on the screen. It would be a tale of the loss of individual lives by springing new life, while for others, it is about constant life renewal and birth.

This is just a beautiful game that fills you with positivity and brings brighter smiles on your faces.



Dreams game is another world of imagination that holds you back to the good old times. In most parts, this game guides you at every step with kind voices and fills you with encouragement. Players play to create and bring down creations into a new world and fill their mind with peace.