Best Gaming experience to solve Mystery Games

Mystery games are like power boosters; you feel a kick while you are gaming as you need to think differently to solve the mystery puzzle. Some are complicated, and some are not; it's a mixture of all kinds of mystery games. While playing mystery games, the gamer doesn't get bored as things always go differently at different stages. Let's have a look at the best Mystery games:


Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium is a detective role-playing game that was developed and published by ZA/UM in 2019. This game shows a large city recovering from a war. You have to choose the detective character to solve the murder mystery. It’s a mixture of murder mystery and black magic comedy that enhances your detective skills to think differently.


Jenny LeClue

Jenny LeClue is an adventurous game developed and published by Mografi in 2019. This game has a great impact on the way the detective gamer behaves or decides. It has point and click elements. Gamer can interact with almost all items available in the game. The gamer has to listen carefully to the clues and also need to verify whether it is correct or if he is getting the wrong information. Gamer can explore the locations like the graveyard, Mines, Mountains, and police station. A young detective needs to clear her mother's mystery.


Return of the Obra Dinn

Obra Dinn is a puzzle game developed and published by Lucas Pope in 2018. The player needs to play the insurance police inspector role for an East Indian Company. In this game, a Ghostship that was missing for five years suddenly reappeared all with missing or dead hands—the player is sent to board the ship and identify all 26 crew members. The player also needs to check the reason behind the death and when necessary naming the killer as well. Return of the Obra Dinn was praised for its art style, Gameplay, and fiction. It was awarded several awards and named as best mystery game of 2018.


Her Story

Her Story is an interactive game developed and published by Sam Barlow in 2015. In this game, players solve the clues and mysteries based on video clips and fictional policeman interview narrations. The player needs to solve the murder mystery after grabbing all clues and information which the player gets from the wife's interview. It's a fascinating and interactive game. This is the mystery of the two twin sisters named Hannah and Eve and the boyfriend Simon who was dating both the sisters and one day got killed by Hannah, but you need to solve the mystery of how and when she killed Simon. Are they twins, or is it a story of split personality? This game was awarded the game of the year and many other awards.


Sherlock Holmes crimes and punishments

Sherlock Holmes is an adventurous mystery game developed by Frogwares and published by Focus home interactive in 2014. The player has to find out the culprit and making the moral choice of solving them. Sherlock Holmes is the main playable character and constable Marrow playable briefly. The player has to solve six mystery cases one by one based on clues and narration. Once a clue is discovered, clues are added to the deduction board. There are two camera views available – the first-person point of view and a static third-person view. The player can change between them at any time. The title of the game has been taken from the Russian novel Crime and Punishment by author Fyodor Dostoyevsky.


The Wolf Among US

The Wolf Among Us is a graphic adventure game developed by Telltale Games in 2013. This game is played from a third person perspective. The player acts as a Bigby Wolf who needs to solve the murder mystery. Players explore the three-dimensional environment throughout the game. To examine any clue or item, the player can click on that item and can examine it. The player can have conversations as well to get answers, but the future Story all depends upon the perception and decisions that are taken by the player.


The Room

The Room is a puzzle video game developed by Fireproof Games, published in 2012. The Room defines a strange set of puzzles. Players need to unlock the puzzle to solve another box of puzzles. To enjoy the real feeling, you can touch items like keys, activate switches, and other objects. It's a very creative puzzle mystery that enhances the experience of mystery games.