Best Accessories For Your Nintendo Switch

If you have bought a console recently or just looking for a makeover, then know that Nintendo switches accessories can be the new addition. Although it can be quite a tough shell to crack to spare some more cash once you bought the console, they are pretty helpful.

The Carry case is one of the ideal examples. It allows your system to be protected from scratches and damages when you are traveling or just at home. The SD or memory cards offer more internal storage to play games because the Nintendo Switch only offers 32GB of memory and if you have extra space you don't need to struggle to find room for your latest saves. Let us inform you about different Nintendo Switch accessories.

Orzly’s Carry Case for Nintendo Switch

This Nintendo Switch carry case can carry the console, cables, games, multiple Joy-Cons, and SD cards. The case is not expensive or hefty either and most importantly it will allow you to keep the console safe when you are traveling. The carry case can accommodate the switch in a separately attached shell to provide desired protection to the console. The carry case is handy and you do not need to worry about the console damaging when you take it with you on trips.

Orzly’s Carry Case for Nintendo Switch Lite

The Switch lite is known for blurring the line between the home and handheld consoles, and by its portability feature, it means that you require the best case for the Nintendo to keep them undamaged. With the Nintendo Switch Lite, you don’t have the advantage Joy-Cons give you. The case can keep your accessories and console safe to go. The Switch Lite case can store earbuds, games, and some Nintendo switch chargers. The case itself is quite affordable, so grab one of them for your console in no time.

Official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

At times Joy-Cons are just not enough, and you require something with more precision. The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is perfect for this. The Pro Controller has the layout of a classically styled handset that is similar to the controllers from Xbox one to PlayStation. This controller is a must-have accessory for games like Super Smash Bros, Fortnite, and other games that require a little more precision, reliability, comfort, and accuracy. There are also other third-party Pro Controllers, but we think that you will have a better experience with the official Nintendo controller. Aside from the fact, the Nintendo Pro Controller has an excellent build quality, it also boasts the functionality of Amiibo that third-party pro controllers lack.

SanDisk MicroSD Card (128GB)

It doesn’t matter which version of the Nintendo Switch you have, the main disadvantage of the newest console is still the limited storage. Because of the internal memory of 32GB, purchasing a SD Card becomes a necessity if you want to use your console to the full extent. Thankfully MicroSD cards are not as pricey as the other accessories on this list and purchasing one should not be as painful to your wallet. We recommend the SanDisk Ultra MicroSD card specifically, because of the storage capacity of 128GB. This Micro SD card allows you to store 5-10 big games or even more games that require less space. With this extra storage, you can go a long way without even worrying about the limited storage on your Nintendo Switch.

Power A controller

If you are interested in buying a controller for your Nintendo Switch but are not so keen about spending a lot of money, the third-party pro controller PowerA offers is the right fit for you. PowerA’s wireless and wired pro controllers are made of excellent quality and the feature motion control goes well with their slick design.

PowerA offers pro controllers with various different designs ranging from Pokemon to Animal Crossing. With all these different designs you will certainly find a pro controller that fits your interests. Like previously mentioned the downside of using a third-party controller is the lack of Amiibo functionality. In order to use the Amiibo functionality, you will, unfortunately, need an official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller or Joy-Con.

Mumba Hard Case

This case is different from the cases listed above. What makes the Mumba Case special is that it's designed to protect your console while it's being used, instead of protecting it while traveling or moving your console. This case is supposed to be on your console at all times so you don’t have to worry about dropping it or knocking it about. With its sturdy and grippy design, the Mumba will allow you to feel secure while making the switch with you. It can also fit in the Orzly carry cases mentioned above, doing this will get you the best results with the perfect double-threat keeping your console secure while using and while traveling.


Joy-Cons are known as the workhorse controllers of the Nintendo Switch. It included in the standard console and can be used alone, in pairs, and also on the detachable screen in handheld mode. It is the versatility that makes it perfect for multiplayer sessions, you can even play with 4 people if you have two pairs of Joy-Cons!

Even though there are a lot of people complaining about the “Joy-Con drift”, the left thumbstick being faulty, the Joy-Cons are generally easy to use and reliable. They make the old Nintendo Wii console run for its money. This is not only because of their motion control, but it is mainly because they are smaller, provide better flexibility (because of the analog stick for each side), and are more comfortable to use.

SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless Headset

Are you looking for the best Nintendo Switch headset? Then the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless should be the first one you should consider. This headset has an exceptionally well-built and stylish kit, and not to forget the fantastic audio quality. The headset comes with a detachable microphone to chat with friends and/or your team. The detachable microphone also offers a wired connection so you don’t need to worry about your battery dying out after 20 hours of gaming. The headset comes with chargers suited for your console and a USB-C dongle that offers a wireless connection to your Nintendo Switch or Android phone, perfect for gaming or listening to your favorite music while traveling.

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