Bad News for PC players: Death Stranding on PC is delayed to July

Due to the coronavirus disruption, gamers, or anxious PC players waiting for Death Stranding with full curiosity will have to hold on a few times longer to enjoy the latest art house adventure 'Death Stranding' by Hideo Kojima.

Don't worry! Not that long. The game was previously supposed to arrive on Epic Games Store on June 2. But after the latest announcement on Twitter by Kojima Productions, the date has been postponed and pushed to July 14.

All this happened because in an effort to reduce the spreading of Coronavirus, Kojima Productions is also promoting work from home. That's why Death Stranding fans will get to play their favorite game after a bit of delay due to the temporary closing of the studio in Japan.

However, it's not enough. Amidst this hard time, Kojima Productions is upgrading Death Stranding features for you by working from home. In the tweet, Kojima Productions has also claimed that the developer needed more time to introduce 'Death Stranding' with more advanced features for better user experience.

PC benefits

Death Stranding offers some good PC player rewards like ultra-wide monitor support in recent months, which was a matter of discussions among fans.

The game is also delivering immense updates of features and systems, which includes a bright graphic feature and a bit Half-Life reward material (Head-crabs ahoy etc.) of course, PC gamers can now reap the joy from extreme frame-rates based on the specific configuration of their hardware.

Death stranding is up for Pre-Order on Steam and Epic.

However, only these nitty-gritty details have brought a big craze among people. Hence it will be interesting to see the rest of the things that Death Stranding is going to provide its fan-freaks. The store game of the page has brought an immense crowd after hitting live on Epic game store and Steam.

At this time, with no PC requirement, the page is, however, pointing at the achievements support as well as partial controller support. It's expected to drop in June with a price tag of $60 approx.

A glimpse of Death Stranding PC

No idea what the hell the Death Stranding PC is? Why people love it a lot? Then you must know about this legendary game that has won millions of hearts. It's one of the best sci-fi action games full of adventure.

In the game, you feature the role of Sam Porter Bridges, who's a mailman attempting hard to reconnect cities to build society across America. It's not enough! Thanks to Hideo Kojima craziness which has brought loads of fun elements in the game that enables a player to play longer without any boredom.

In the game, the ghost is connected with the real world. Later in the game only babies in pods can detect these ghosts. However to kill the ghost you need grenades made of blood.

Most people claim that it's just a walking simulator, but in reality it's more than that. It's not just a game in which you're only a mailman who delivers mail, instead there're loads of things that claim why it has become one of the favorite games among PC players over time.

The leading reasons is the wacky, gorgeous, and deep mysterious story. The unbeatable details that you see on its online infrastructure allow you to build mail carriers' community who all work together and help each other virtually.

PC-specific features of Death Stranding

According to sources with few unique features, Kojima production is planning to enhance the Death Stranding player's love for the game. That’s why in the new features you can find a new photo mode along with a high frame rate. Besides the expectations are that the more graphic options, entirely unlocked framerate, and pretty texture are going to provide you an immense experience. Even on PS4 the game performed amazing, that is why we can anticipate that the visual potential will be more attention-grabbing.

Bottom line

You can't argue why this game is so appealing after all the things that make Death stranding extremely enjoyable. If the game is so promising for its players, then waiting only a little longer isn't such a big deal. On July 14, 'Death Stranding.' will be available on your PC. The game displayed pretty excellently on PS4 in November 2019, and again it's going to touch gamers' hearts. Overall, the ranges of variations are quite impressive which you'll love a lot.