9 things you didn’t know you could do on your island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It has almost been a year now, and the game is still surprising its players with new adventures every day. A few of the best things attached to Tom Nook's gateway package is the amount of freedom it offers to the participants to go out and form their sandy shores. Tom Nook is there to guide you, but most of the time takes the lead to uncover the adventures and surprises offered by the island.

Games, although, leave you on your own, and the Islanders continue to make their discoveries all the time. Here we have listed a few things that you probably are unaware of and can discover untapped surprises and adventures once you are acquainted with them.


Don’t craft alone, craft with your villagers

You can craft alone; at times, it can be dangerous, but it is a lot of fun if you craft alongside any of your adorable villagers. One of the players recently posted that the participants can even use the villager's DIY table at the same time. Whenever you visit any of the villagers, you find them whipping something at their crafting table, you can quickly start right beside them, and it will be another adventure for you, wouldn’t it?


Take an adorable selfie with Ray

Museums are one of the great places to take beautiful pictures in the game. The players can enjoy Ray fish to add upon to the museum in the morning. They only appear during the autumn and summer months of the Northern Hemisphere. Once added, you will hurry up to watch them swimming around in your tank display. And once you discover them looking out from the chamber, spreading her fins around. It will turn out to be a rare position that is perfect for a memorable selfie. Try and grab it!


It is possible to open and close your curtains

While playing, you can discover how to interact with your curtains. Even after a hectic day of work, participants do not like to draw the curtains; they want the villagers to have sneak-peak in their private life. Participants are pretty comfortable with the villagers if they intend to watch them watching TV from the windows. Many wallpapers also feature the shutters that can cover the windows, and there it doesn't matter whether your windows are open or closed. It is quite a fantastic discovery of certain operations, and once you try it, you will spend some time just opening and closing them.


Growing a lot of Bells on specific horoscope days

It is pretty rare that while starting any game, Isabelle will let you know about your horoscope with good luck on its way. Once this happens, the participants are most of the time advised to make some serious money. They can grow the New Horizon money tree if they bury bells in the various shiny spots reflected in the ground. Many players have reported that if you happen to plant about 99,000 bells every day when Isabelle has promised you a lucky horoscope, you can reap about 297,000 bells once your trees grow. In any case, it is a good investment for the participants.


Sit down in the art gallery and enjoy the view

Nothing compares to spending a relaxed time in the museum and seeing everything you have earned so far. There are many places at every corner of the museum that allows a better view of the displays. The seats around the gallery can let you sit and gaze at the artworks to appreciate what you got from Redd. The spot adjacent to the area will help you in admiring the art collection.


You can dance in the ocean

The game introduced few toe-tapping reactions, included is the adorable dance moves known as Feeling it. Yes, you can dance in the water with the villagers, as per the recent update that brought swimming and diving into our repertoires and allowed you to not only take a dip in the ocean but will enable you to dance in water too. You can imagine every reaction except sitting down; now, the possibilities can be inferred about the various activities you can perform. Interesting isn't it!


Visit other people’s islands in your dreams

Animal Crossing allows you to take a tour to other islands through dreaming. It is one of the best ways to know about the community and learns about the possibilities while discovering the various island layouts and regions. While in the dreamy state, you can interact with various NCPs who have their residence on the respective island. Instead of travelling via flight, you can travel to your dream islands by just falling asleep.


Dive flip from high platforms (this could ruin your flowers)

It is an amazing way to make a splash in the game by diving in cannonball or flip in the ocean and forming a platform. Undoubtedly it is so much fun to see your villagers rolling their way through land and air into the sea and leading to unintentionally ruining your flowers. As a player you must know that you can make a flip inside the sea by just pressing. If you really look forward to diving more flips leading to running flowers, ensure that there are no flowers around so that there is no inadvertent damage.


You can build your own Snowboy!

You must know that diving into the fun on the islands while playing the game requires a lot of practice. The rolling snowballs will be of the correct size so that the body is able to support the snow heads weight and reward you with the ice-themed goodies so that it can be worth every effort you make.

The snowball's introduction also invites guests like Dung Beetle to the island and as it can turn out these insects are experts for building snowboys. The Dung Beetles can help you in creating the Snowboy just by rolling the snowballs the perfect size.