6 Best Video Games Worlds We Actually Want To Live In

We have all loved playing video games since our childhood. But we want to live in a world where we wandered and explored fantasies. So let's explore few video games where we always wanted to live :


Mario Franchise, The Mushroom Kingdom:

The Mario Franchise has already spent 35 years proving that they possess the most entertaining and versatile settings compared to everyone in popular culture. It cannot be denied that people who were a kid during the Mario Mania liked vacuuming the ghosts alongside kicking the Luigi, chucking turtles' shells, or riding a Yoshi. With the surge of phases of Coronavirus, maybe we should employ Dr. Mario to help us with the case. Isn't it a good idea?



Journey refers to empty horizons for the eyes to see; the abandoned ruins give way to various endless sand vistas, punctuated with fluttering fabrics, gorgeous views, or awestruck heights. Also, the odd giant flying creature was there to push further with the wordless, meditative journey via the land, and the only thing that can change anything is your esteem bond with fellow travelers. It may look too contemplative and spare to hold up in a long way, but as of now, minimalism is the ideal balm.


No Man's Sky:

If we ought to live in different times, especially when we spend most of the year sitting at home, carving for further exploration for a different reality version to escape through the dusty-ass planet and knowing about unseen boundaries of the galaxy, makes everyone curious to know. Like No Man's Sky, the future optimistic vision where space travel is allowed and scientific exploration is also encouraged. The endless possibilities offered by the game and the generated universe as per the size of the real thing can allow anybody to feel undoubtedly overwhelming all the time.


Katamari Damacy:

Short King just rolled me to the world of Katamari. Indeed it is Namco's universe apocalyptically series based on third-person sphere-em-ups having the traces for cosmic horror and uncaring gods showing up occasionally and getting drunk and smashing the entire sky into pieces. On the other hand, in this fantasy world, everything is beautiful, bright and no one dies ever. Instead, it is rolled up in the embrace up the Katamari to get turned into stardust or asteroid or whatever. The ground assumption about the Katamari Damacy cosmology is that it will all be cool eventually, and the participants can roll back from the worst screw-ups, and the experiences can be put to use in real life, too, including the soundtrack.



No one wants to live in a city-based underwater known as BioShock, but the game has something appealing for the dickish oligarchs and self-obsessed libertarians deciding to leave the society to live in their little "paradise". Here you will barely see any surface world, and it is incredible to have the experience. These jerks only care about themselves and love lying down at the sea button, allowing the charitable people to run the globe. And that's not all the Rapture is most of the time seen hooked with magic sea slugs to satiate the bottomless power hunger. Living on land is one of the options allowing the worst people to destroy each other.


Disneyland Adventures:

After eight months of getting stuck at home, everyone loves to enter massive crowds, and Disneyland is undoubtedly an attraction for everyone. The painstakingly recreated grounds of Disneyland are down towards the trashcan placements for the Disneyland Adventures, the open-world game allowing the players to explore the park while completing missions and helping Disney characters to accomplish their goals. Apart from the adventurous ride, there is a completely new world on the other side of portals beside the major attractions. As a kid, you can play the game, which is quite entertaining for adults.

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