5 Best MAPPA’S Must Watch Anime’s

MAPPA, also called Maruyama Animation Produce Project Association, was brought into existence in 2011. It's never been a stretch for the anime world as they do have their eyes on it. Maso Maruyama founded the studio, who has already earned fame for himself from the madhouse studio, with three partners. From the launching of his first anime until recently, the MAPPA was the only one known for creating a legacy based upon leading graphics and diverse stories. It becomes quite challenging to narrow down the complete catalog in just five best anime, but as it is given as a task, then here it is:

Yuri!!! On Ice

It isn't easy to believe that Yuri!! Skating on our screens half a decade ago. Looking at its success charts, the way it is celebrated in the whole world looks like just yesterday, back in 2016, when no one had ever imagined it as an international phenomenon. After the crushing loss of Yuri Katuski at the Finale of the Grand Prize, the famous Russian Skater Victor Nikiforov started coaching him. With time Yuri started gaining confidence in himself, and his skating and relationship also started evolving with Victor, and they got closer with every passing day. The dynamic animation for the various ice skating routines was breathtaking, and if you haven't been through it till now, then sit down and start scrolling down the video until you start liking the adventure of ice skating.

Kids On The Slope

Being the MAPPA's first production, the Kids on Slope is one anime without which the list is never complete. The series was initiated by the production team known as made in heaven. Yoko Kanno and Shinichiro Watanabe joined the forces as composers and directors, just like they did for famous Cowboy Bebop, while Maruyama worked as a producer. The story is based upon three high schoolers in the 1960s in Japan who came together via Jazz music. Kids on the Slope go through their high school years filled with tribulations and trials, like finding their paths and proposing their first love. The anime has set a perfect example of how animation and story can create a masterpiece. The sharp and fluid animation gave the perfect shape to the story and was closely knitted with the foundation of Jazz music, which flows and ebbs with the character's journey. The series is a must-watch for anime lovers.


The series Dororo was relaunched in 2019, but most of the viewers haven't heard about the original series due to the surprise. Neither were they aware of the Osamu Tezuka of the 1960s, on which the series was based. However, MAPPA did a great job of redefining Dororo. About twenty-four episodes follow the mysterious ronin known as Hyakkimaru and a young orphan boy who was his travel companion called Dororo. Both of them track down all the demons who have stolen Hyakkimaru's various body parts since his birth and also learned about the real and cruel world around them.

The series also focuses on the duality of kindness and cruelty and the humanity of humanity. Whether it is one of the duo's encounters during the Sengoku period or insights of humanity being projected by Hyakkimaru on gaining his body parts, the series never hesitates to showcase the unflinching look at humanity. All these actions, coupled with the beauty and style of animations and music, make it one of the best series.

Terror in Resonance

Between 2014 and 2011, the MAPPA kept to themselves, and the reason was apparent: they were creating something original for their viewers. After releasing the kids on the slope, they were looking forward to making their name in the outer world, and it is better to be a brand that has a solid position in the world of anime. The studio spoke to the legendary director, Shinichiro Watanabe, for creating Terror in Resonance. The story was based on two teenage boys who were the masterminds and behind the various terrorist attacks. They were known as twelve and nine. The boys were working towards exposing the government and authorities and seeking revenge for their suffering. The series has eleven episodes and still manages to present a well-paced and intriguing story filled with various characters. Don't miss the soundtrack after the ending of the show; you will love it!


The Q Hayashida and Dorohedro Manage created a series that no one ever thought would project animation so well. The story revolves around the Caiman having the lizard head plays the role of a human male. The sorcerer curses him, and to undo the curse; the only solution is to kill the sorcerer who cast it. The issue here is he didn't remember his face, and then the series of events leading to the killing rampage was seen. The series is a must-watch and is rolled into twelve amazing episodes. Dorohedoro is best known for trippy comedy, world-building, and eccentric designs of characters.

MAPPA has cemented itself as the animation icon. They are looking forward to their anime adaptation of Mr. Love and Jujutsu Kaisen Queen's Choice. MAPPA is also in charge of the Attack on Titan, final season, and although the release date is yet to be confirmed. Undoubtedly the MAAPA's future is filled with upcoming technology advances in anime, and they will continue to entertain their viewers.

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