3 Unbelievable Facts Behind Animal Sounds In Your Favorite Game

You love your game a lot and you can easily spend your entire day playing your favorite action scenes. After all, there's a peculiar fun of enjoying a game that is beyond to exhibit in words. But did you ever pay attention to the little elements that tickle your gamers’ soul?

However this crazy element is nothing but the 'sound' that triggers your emotions and lights a fire of fun in your life. A quirky sound can bring maximum thrill out of your game. Notably, it is the animals and creatures' voice that wakes up the real soul of the game and turns everything real for you.

Let’s explore surprising experiences behind ‘gaming sounds’ that take the fun of playing the game to another level.


Audio Engineers to Bring Realism in The Games

Joseph Clark-Senior Sound Designer at ArenaNet LLC shares some surprising views with his experience in gaming. According to him over time the gaming world has evolved at a fast pace; now it has turned huge. 

With ample of creatures and animals for a game it has become essential to come up with new sounds. Clark says, that searching for the best sounds has become an unstoppable part of their life. But it also brings funny moments in their life. For example a real lion voice can be given to the virtual world lion, but ‘trash can voice’ can turn into a ‘dragon voice.’

Whereas to bring a ‘screeching noise for hair-raising sound, Clark also uses Djembe-Drum and scrap a rubber band on it to bring out the same kind of noise. 

Most of the time accidental sounds bring out surprising results. For example one day Clark noticed that a trash can was giving “great purring, guttural sound” when his co-worker was dragging it from the office to the hall. It triggered Clark's mind to grab the microphone and record it.

However finding sounds isn’t that easy as it seems. On top of that to make a sound alive it requires a double effort. Like how to make a non-living thing into a virtual world creature's voice is undoubtedly a tricky task.  


Animal Voice: One Of The Toughest Tasks

For sound designers to mimic natural sound from an object is one of the most challenging tasks. They have to pay special attention to each voice to bring realism in a virtual animal character. 

It requires a bit of editing and everyday sounds to make the video game creature realistic. However most of the time human voices can provide a perfect voice to monsters and animals in a game.

For instance Mojang's audio director, Samuel Åberg shares a memorable experience when he used his 6 month-old sons screaming as a voice for the phantom (The scariest mob/Insomnia Monster). 

But to bring out the perfect voice creativity played an important role. Aberg says that for Minicraft’ newer mobs in Mojang they tried real animal sounds too. But in doing it accurately they had to face-off with loads of challenges. 

According to Aberg for the dolphin’s voice they had to use special equipment like a hydrophone (an underwater microphone).

But recording animal voices isn’t too simple. In light of the fact most of the time animals remain quiet. Hence keeping a microphone next to their face with the expectations that they will speak is undoubtedly time-consuming.

It also may not provide the exact sound the way you want it to sound. For Planet Zoo's team this was a big problem. 

Most of the animals are quiet in their nature while big animals' voice like a giant bear is full of risk. So at every step problems pop-up while recording animals’ voices.


Challenges faced by Editing Lab

Most of the time sound designers have to rely on sound libraries that they obtain from various sources. Sound libraries help a sound designer to surpass the challenges. But it's not enough. Another problem that a sound designer faces is quality and consistency in sound. 

For example, for providing distinct voices to Planet’s Zoo Animals like; angry, eating, roars, sad, curious, were in individual folders, says-Hinterland Studio's audio director Glenn Jamison.

Whereas most of the sounds to play in Planet’s zoo animals were recorded from a far distance, so using them in its original form didn't make sense. That is why the sound editing team took the unique source and turned them natural for the gamers' experience. 

In the end, it is clear that giving the sound to the game's particular creatures or animal can involve loads of tools, work and creativity.  


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