20 best 4X games for building your digital empire

Since the 1990s, the 4X games have been one of the most famous genres in PC gaming. The 4X genre of gaming is often referred to as: "eXploit, eXplore, eXpand, eXterminate". With the real-time strategy games hitting the chart, the 4X games have adapted to the players' liking and have somewhat become a mixture of other genres. Every year 4X games are being released; only few of them can be called pure 4X games. In contrast, the others can be seen as a mixture of genres like grand strategy, described as exterminating and expanding rather than exploiting and exploring. For instance, 4X has been an integral part of the strategy umbrella together with war-gaming and real-time titles. If checked, the best 4X games always include elements from all other genres to create something new.


Oriental Empires

Oriental Empires, one of the best 4X games focusing on Chinese history is full of incredible surprises at every step. They are using WEGO systems, allowing all players to resolve their turns simultaneously and offer welcome suspense. The warfare in this game can be a letdown for some players, but obtuse AI, attractive tech tree options, and complex expansion systems will make up for them.


Master of Orion

The 2016 edition is remastering the sorts of Master of Orion 1 and 2, completed with modern visuals and a whole lot of celebrity voice actors. If you have been playing 4X games in space already, the Master of Orion will be liked by you, as it is based on the traditional genre of 4X games. So, if you are missing the flair of 4X games, Master of Orion can be your resort to reboot your old passion.


Imperialism 2: the age of exploration

Built with graphics of 1999, this 4X game is exciting and more in line with other classic RTS games like Age of Empires. Even today, people love the idea of building a nation and iterating with people just like any other living being and allocating requisite resources to them. Imperialism 2 is fantastic as they project everything for the players starting from the wars, exploration, armies, etc. If you think it’s like any other 4X game, be ready to surprise yourself with different outcomes just when you think you've got it.


Aggressors: Ancient homes

Many of the 4X genre games are built on civilization concepts and allow the garnishing and bureaucracy to relate through real history. The Aggressors is built on a fantasy world for the ancient Rome buffs. The game is appealing to people who have played civilization before. The realistic features digging deep in the empire together with the applied rules and regulation makes it worth playing for a player who is fond of playing 4X games.


Endless Space 2

One of the best 4X games is a great game for beginners. All credit goes to the tutorials that are easy to understand and follow and useful UI. The business in the game allows them to drive their users home with the vastness of space.


Dominions 5

Dominion 5 displays a unique and imaginative world, expressed via fantasy factions and a research system dealing with magic. It is thrilling to lose everything on the battlefield, which took a lot to gain, and it allows many sacrifices to be made to have those powerful units in your lap. After so many years of the launch of Dominions 5, people love to see the army of zombies fighting and leading them to any other battlefield and concepts.


Europa Universalis 4

One of the realistic and deepest simulations for nation management, the Europa Universalis 4 showcases unique UI and easy accessibility for the users. The game gives you the whole world to play for and explore some of the best functionality of a 4X game.



One of the renowned 4X games built after listening to the feedback of many players posting after playing many strategy games and implementing the best from them. Equipped with stunning space battles, the game comes out as a combination of the depth and breath of the close simulation of the real-world leadership.


Thea 2: the Shattering

One of the finest kind of 4X games also termed as a hybrid of some RPG, 4X and card games, the Thea 2 will take you to the fantasy world. Focusing on a specific hero who is proficient in dealing with RPG-style quests and also decides on taking rounds how he can deal with his new findings. For the 4X veterans the game is a bit light and the fantasy party never overgrows the size of the usual 4X army.